We are a highly specialized tax firm dealing with overseas assets and international inheritance.

A career group with sharpened expertise.
Overseas Asset Management and Tax Planning at the entry point.
Insightful experts for tax audits at the exit.

In our country, we are becoming more familiar with the 
procedures for the preservation of overseas assets, the taxation
 of international inheritances, and the actual filing of tax returns.

As is the case today, the cross-border flow of assets and people is becoming a similar issue and 
concern for people in both countries.

At the same time, tax audits on international assets have also been 
conducted at a higher rate in Japan over the past few years.
In practice, however, the field of international asset taxation 
requires not only knowledge but also practice and practical e
xperience, yet the number of tax accountants specializing in this 
field is very limited.

Under these circumstances, we are a tax corporation that can 
handle everything from asset preservation to attending 
investigations, specializing in international asset taxation.

Why Choose Seventh Sense for International Asset Tax Planning?

Our tax attorneys have unparalleled knowledge and practical experience in foreign assets and 
international inheritance, and we promise to help you.

A group of experts

We are a group of professionals in various fields.

For example, we have a number of professionals with expertise and experience, including Japanese tax accountants, tax audit specialists, former university professors (specializing in international taxation), CFPs, US CPAs, and native staff.

Broad Knowledge

We handle cases with a very wide range of knowledge synthesis capabilities, not only in tax law, but also in a very wide range of other areas.

For example, we will consider not only domestic tax law, but also international and foreign law research capabilities, financial transactions, geopolitics, ethnicity, religion, and political administration.

Multilingual Capability

We are able to review evidence and converse in foreign languages, so there is no need to worry about language.

For example, we speak English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

Extensive Network

We have an extensive network.

For example, we have reliable alliances with CPAs, international lawyers, securities analysts, CFPs, appraisers, and other professionals in Japan and abroad.

Solving many international asset cases

Taxation on international assets is an area not usually handled by Japanese tax attorneys.

We provide consultation and resolution services in the difficult field of international asset taxation, and we have extensive experience in this area worldwide.

We promise you that our experts will be your “wizards” with their unparalleled knowledge and practical experience in the field of international assets and international inheritance.

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